Late Start Saving? Three Ways to Save More for Your Retirement

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Are you concerned you might have gotten a late start on your retirement savings? You’re not alone. Over 60% of Americans feel they are lagging in their retirement savings efforts. The good news? It’s never too late to start saving for your financial future.  In our blog, we’ll look at various ways you can begin […]

The Power of Compounding Interest Returns and Your Retirement Plan

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Albert Einstein once marveled at the power of compounding returns, even calling them the “eighth wonder of the world.” Think of compounding returns like a snowball rolling down a hill. As it gathers speed and momentum, it gets larger with each rotation. This analogy can be very useful, especially when saving for retirement. Over time, […]

How To Potentially Avoid Three Major Retirement Planning Mistakes

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Gone are the days when you could retire to a rocking chair at age 65 and live a few more years. Given that lifespans have increased significantly over the past 20 years due to medical advances and improved lifestyles, having a comprehensive retirement plan for living to age 100 should be high on your priority […]

Ep 16: Social Security Benefits for Spouses – What to Know

Today we’ll break it all down for you and explain everything you need to know about Social Security spousal benefits. You might be able to claim a benefit of up to 50% without cutting into your spouse’s amount, and this is still true if you’ve gone through a divorce, but you need to know the specifics of how this all works.