Meet Bulman Wealth

It is our goal to create and maintain easy-to-understand retirement plans. We are fiduciaries committed to your best interests. What’s a fiduciary? We get this question all of the time. A fiduciary is legally bound to put your needs first. If you are retired, or near retirement, and you want a retirement plan that you can understand, schedule a 15-minute call. The purpose of the call is to address and answer your biggest retirement concern and to offer solutions that can help you feel excited about your future. We serve clients throughout California, and we look forward to assisting in your retirement planning process.

Your Financial Compass Roadmap

We have a process that breaks down complex concepts into easily digestible retirement planning steps. Specifically, we focus on income, investment, taxes, healthcare and legacy planning.

  • Income Planning

    Let’s determine how much income you need to cover your retirement expenses to help you work towards living the retirement of your dreams.

  • Investment

    Incorporating investment as one piece of this five-step puzzle can be important to your retirement plan. We’ll help you come up with what we believe is a simple investment strategy that helps meet your needs.

  • Taxes

    Providing guidance for how to consider taxes while planning for retirement. No one loves taxes – not even us—but we know strategies to help you benefit.

  • Healthcare

    Helping you understand the real costs—we’re talking $265,000 a couple excluding long-term care—of healthcare during retirement and how you can plan for it.

  • Legacy/Estate

    Leaving your loved ones what you’d like to leave them takes a bit more than a will. We know strategies that may help maximize their gift.

Take the Quiz!

Take this Complimentary QUIZ to identify which of the five (5) areas of retirement is potentially your biggest “Retirement Gap” right now – and get a no-cost, customized report with your results and suggested next steps.