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Shawn McElmoyl

Shawn McElmoyl

Shawn McElmoyl

Director of Sales & Financial Advisor

Shawn is dedicated to guiding families towards sound financial decisions. With over 25 years of wealth management experience, he serves as a fiduciary, prioritizing the needs of individuals and families to craft financial and investment strategies that instill Clarity and Confidence.

Beyond crunching numbers, Shawn delves deep into understanding his clients’ perspectives and values regarding money. Recognizing that a perfect financial plan must align with personal beliefs to thrive, he goes the extra mile to ensure harmony between his clients’ goals and their financial strategies.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Shawn graduated with high honors from the University of Oregon. He pursued his education through an Army ROTC Scholarship, subsequently serving as a combat arms officer for eight years before transitioning to civilian life as a Captain.

With a myriad of securities licenses and advanced training in wealth management, Shawn has honed his experience in investment management and behavioral finance. He completed specialized training in Personal Financial Planning at the University of California, Berkeley, further enriching his knowledge.

Active within his communities, Shawn has served on the boards of veteran support organizations, non-profits, and family business resource centers. Currently residing in El Dorado Hills with his wife, Julie, son, Hayden, and their two mini-golden doodles, Finn and Hopper, Shawn finds balance through cycling, skiing, and golf in his leisure time.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shawn

1. Shawn’s culinary delight revolves around anything infused with jalapenos!

2. Having resided in nine different states and explored over 20 countries, Shawn firmly declares Northern California as the ultimate place to call home.

3. The next adventure on Shawn’s family itinerary? Witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights, with an ultimate dream trip set for an African Safari.

4. In Shawn’s cinematic opinion, “Big Fish” stands as one of the most unjustly underrated movies of all time.

5. During his tenure in the Army, Shawn’s service spanned across the United States, Europe, and Asia. As a testament to his airborne training, he bravely leapt from five perfectly sound airplanes!

6. As an avid Oregon Ducks football enthusiast, Shawn mourns the decline of the Pac-12 Conference.

7. Fate intervened when Shawn met his remarkable wife, Julie, more than two decades ago while both were employed at Wells Fargo.

8. Despite being the sole entrant, Shawn triumphantly led his team to victory in the Ironman Triathlon race’s corporate relay division, proudly displaying their first-place trophy.

9. Among his cherished family pastimes, skiing ranks high on Shawn’s list of favorite activities.

10. According to, Shawn’s heritage is a rich blend of Irish, Scottish, English, and Danish ancestry, with a hint of French lineage—prompting him to diligently apply sunscreen during summer outings.