The Best Floral Arrangements for Your Home

The Best Floral Arrangements for Your Home Bulman Wealth

A fresh bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to bring some life and color to your home during the winter months, not to mention it’s also a gift that is sure to make someone’s day. When choosing an arrangement, you’ll naturally consider things like the color palette or the variety of flowers in order to find something that best suits the occasion. However, people often overlook what is possibly the most important aspect of all: lifespan, or what’s known as “vase-life.” Let’s discuss which flowers can last the longest and give you the most decorative bang for your buck. 

First on the list are orchids! Orchid plants flower for up to three months, but even when cut, they can last a relatively long time. Generally, when cut, orchid flowers/stems will last two to three weeks when cared for properly.[1][2] Also, here’s a helpful tip: the shorter the flower stems, the longer they last because water doesn’t need to travel a long distance up the stem before reaching the flower.[3]

Second up, chrysanthemums. These flowers are renowned for their vase life and can last 3 weeks (or even longer!).[4] They can bloom in a wide range of colors. In fact, their hues can range from creamy whites to bold purples and everything in between. According to HGTV Magazine, in mixed bouquets, chrysanthemums will often outlast other flowers. However, you can keep them in a single-stem arrangement on their own and simply remove any wilted blooms and foliage.[5]

Next, carnations. Carnations are a classic and have always remained a popular flower. Both versatile and attractive, they complement any bouquet and come in lots of different colors. In fact, carnation colors each represent their own meanings –for instance, pink carnations symbolize gratitude.[6] Typically, these stems will last you at least two weeks and will often make it to three weeks in a vase.[7]    

Don’t forget lilies! Lilies add graceful elegance and fragrance to any arrangement. Plus, they last a relatively long time. If you opt to buy lilies that are still in their bud, this will optimize their vase life. Plus, you get the pleasure of watching them bloom in your home! You can expect these flowers to last you between 10 to 14 days.[8]

Ensure Your Bouquets Vase-Life  

Unfortunately, once cut from the plant, the vibrancy and aroma of flowers begin a slow decline, so it’s beneficial to buy species you know will last you the longest. An easy way to do this is to make sure that your vase is clean. Then, dissolve the flower food in the water before placing the flowers in the vase. Additionally, one of the most neglected aspects of flower care is changing the water every few days.[9] This will revitalize your blooms and keep them looking their best for longer!  

But before you splurge on several floral arrangements for your home, it’s important to make sure your finances are in a good place to handle your hobbies. Reach out to our team for a complimentary review of your finances to take one step closer to the lifestyle you dream about.

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