Don’t Make These Top 5 Retirement Planning Mistakes

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They say experience is the best teacher, and there’s no denying the value of learning from your own mistakes. But let’s be honest, isn’t it better to learn from the missteps of others and avoid the bumps and bruises altogether?  This is especially true regarding something as crucial as retirement planning. Unfortunately, many people make […]

The Three Pillars of Retirement Income

Three Pillars of Retirement Income

Retirement is a milestone many of us eagerly anticipate, but it also marks a significant change in how we manage our finances. Instead of a regular paycheck, we’ll rely on various income streams. So, what income streams will you have in retirement? And how can you plan for this stage before you retire? In today’s episode, we’ll cover all of that and more.

A Guide to Retirement Income Planning in Roseville

Retirement is something that we all dream of experiencing one day. It’s the reward for decades of dedication and hard work. Whether you are nearing retirement in the next few years or are recently retired, you should start planning for it now – it is never too late. Rising longevity means your retirement could last […]

Do You Have a Retirement Withdrawal Strategy?

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Retirement marks a significant transition from accumulating wealth to preserving it to support your lifestyle without a predictable income from an employer or business. Once retired, you’ll begin relying on different income sources, such as retirement savings, Social Security, and investments. As you start drawing on your savings, hopefully, you have already determined a retirement […]

Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Impact of Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits

If you are nearing retirement or are retired, congratulations on your accomplishment! It’s an exciting time as you prepare for the next stage of your life without the daily pressure of commuting to work. Assuming you are 65, you should consider when to take your Social Security benefits as you consider and plan for retirement. […]

Late Start Saving? Three Ways to Save More for Your Retirement

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Are you concerned you might have gotten a late start on your retirement savings? You’re not alone. Over 60% of Americans feel they are lagging in their retirement savings efforts. The good news? It’s never too late to start saving for your financial future.  In our blog, we’ll look at various ways you can begin […]

How a Financial Compass Can Help Pursue Your Retirement Goals

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Think of a financial compass, or roadmap, as part of a comprehensive plan that guides you through various stages of life. This roadmap should identify your current financial circumstances and your long-term financial goals. Having a roadmap is especially important as you near retirement. Why? It should serve as a guide to help you make […]

The Great Pension Shift: From Guaranteed Gold Watches to DIY Retirement

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Remember your grandparents boasting about their “golden parachute” – the generous company pension plan waiting for them at retirement? Today, that picture is fading fast. The remaining recipients are government workers. Corporate America has shifted gears, leaving many wondering: where’s the safety net in this new retirement paradigm? It’s not just you feeling the impact […]

Myths Of The Retirement Number

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or intimidated by the idea of a fixed retirement number, advertised by some financial institutions, you’re not alone. In this episode, Scott debunks the retirement number myth, explaining that your retirement number is not just a single, daunting figure, but instead a combination of different income streams that work together.