Three Common Income Investments for Retirement

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Retirement is something most people think about every day. It’s a time to relax, travel, or take up hobbies and projects that there hasn’t been time for. But before those dreams become reality, there are two important steps that you should take:  Develop a comprehensive retirement plan Ensure you have amble retirement income from your […]

Your Guide to Understanding Digital Currency and How it May Impact You

digital currency

The advent of debit and credit cards and smartphones has made paying for goods and services with cash almost a relic of the past. Let’s face it: there is very little need for paper money anymore. Even your shopping has moved online, so there is even less need for cash payments mailed to sellers.  Even […]

How to Avoid Large Tax Surprises

Certain moments in our financial lives can and will trigger tax events so we want to make sure you’re mindful of them, explain what they are, and share some ways to stay ahead of these tax surprises.

Myths Of The Retirement Number

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or intimidated by the idea of a fixed retirement number, advertised by some financial institutions, you’re not alone. In this episode, Scott debunks the retirement number myth, explaining that your retirement number is not just a single, daunting figure, but instead a combination of different income streams that work together.