Our goal is to help you choose the right plan, skillfully constructed and tailor made to complement your goals & values, supported by a success team of hand-picked professionals, aligned to fit every step of the way.

What We Do

Bulman Wealth Group's advisory approach is comprehensive and personalized. When it comes to planning your financial future, understanding your values, goals and lifestyle is fundamental to determining how we will help you get there together. Whether you’re looking to grow your retirement assets or protect the assets you have for your family, our team of professional financial advisors will get to know you and your priorities so that we can help determine which strategies might be right for you. Your financial plan will cover a wide range of topics concerning the management of your wealth including your personal needs, cash flow analysis, retirement resources, credit management, tax planning*, asset allocation and diversification, management of financial and non-financial assets, and estate planning.
At Bulman Wealth Group we believe that a tailor made, comprehensive financial plan allows you to accomplish varying financial and lifestyle goals which could include:
Bulman Wealth Group Can Help You With:
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • 401k Employer Plan Rollovers
  • Business / Commercial Protection
  • Structured Settlement Planning
  • Business Qualified Retirement Planning
  • Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Mutual Funds, ETF’s and Annuities
  • Navigating Financial Changes During Divorce
  • Social Security Planning

Financial Planning

Bulman Wealth professionals take a comprehensive approach to financial planning that will help serve you as you move through life’s many stages. We know financial planning is not a static event. It is a dynamic journey that must be evaluated regularly to meet your needs every step of the way. The fundamental purpose of a well-designed financial plan is to create a strategy that can help you achieve your personal and philanthropic goals. Using proven methods of analysis, we create financial models that will assist you in meeting your goals. Some of the areas we analyze may include: retirement planning, income tax planning*, risk management, insurance planning, education funding, and estate planning. Since we focus on your financial well-being, you have more time to focus on other personal priorities. We look forward to learning your aspirations and developing a strategy to help achieve them. Just give us a call, and we’ll set up a time that’s convenient for you.
Bulman Wealth's financial planning steps include:

1. Establish financial goals and objectives

2. Gather financial and personal data

3. Discuss current financial situation and identify key issues and opportunities

4. Develop strategies designed to achieve goals and outline advantages/disadvantages of each strategy

5. Select strategies and establish an implementation plan

6. Periodic review with a team of advisors

Retirement Planning

When it comes to saving for retirement, Bulman Wealth Group will help you devise a strategy based on your current retirement needs, your current financial situation, and your future financial needs to allow you the opportunity to achieve your goals. We believe that a good retirement plan is one that allows you added peace of mind for your future. Understanding the complexities of retirement savings tools can be a mind-boggling exercise. Our professionals help take the guesswork out of planning by presenting the options in easy-to-understand formats. These formats are all complete with visual income projections. Whether you are within 10 years of retirement or currently retired, we can help you devise a plan that will help you manage your retirement assets with an eye toward preserving your wealth for the future.

Bulman Wealth advisors evaluate six key variables when approaching retirement planning:

1. Anticipated age at retirement or age of retirement

2. Amount of annual income needed in retirement

3. Growth rate on savings balanced appropriately by personal risk tolerance

4. Estimated life expectancy, based on average life expectancy and adjusted for personal health and family longevity history

5. Current savings and financial needs

6. Changing tax laws affecting retirement savings and distribution

Estate Planning

Bulman Wealth professionals believe that effective wealth preservation and wealth transfer require prudent estate planning. An estate plan can protect you, your heirs, and your interests by helping to grow and preserve your assets for the future. Estate planning is a team approach. Our financial planners will work closely with your accountant and attorneys to develop a comprehensive plan that incorporates all elements of an estate plan such as your will, appropriate trusts, the assignment of power of attorney, and a living will or healthcare proxy. (If you don’t have an attorney or accountant, we can provide you with a list of professionals who can provide these services). Estate Planning requires legal assistance, which Bulman Wealth does not provide. Consult your personal counsel.

Everyone needs an estate plan designed so that his or her wishes are carried out after death. At Bulman Wealth Group, we can:

1. Take inventory of your wealth, including investments, retirement savings, insurance policies, and real estate or business interests

2. Identify the proper estate planning tools that clearly assign your wealth to beneficiaries as you intend

3. Work with your other advisors to stay abreast of changing tax laws and minimize tax consequences

4. Coordinate with you and your heirs as needed to prevent disputes and confusion about your desires

5. Assist you in using tax-free gifts during your lifetime to reduce your estate so that you minimize taxes, while enjoying the chance to share the fruits of your labor

6. Establish a periodic review with a team of advisors

7. Help you make charitable gifts that best express your interests and provide the most benefit before and after your death

Tax Planning

When it comes to financial planning, you can’t escape the fact that taxes require special consideration. At Bulman Wealth Group, we understand the impact taxes can have on your wealth. Our team of advisors stay abreast of changing tax laws and work closely with top tax professionals to ensure that your wealth plan incorporates appropriate and ethical tax planning. *

Bulman Wealth advisors can help you minimize taxes while maximizing your portfolio by:

1. Recommending tax-efficient investments with solid performance potential. Past performance is no guarantee of future results

2. Balancing your portfolio with careful distribution of investments within taxable and deferred accounts

3. Working with your tax professionals to diminish estate taxes to best protect and preserve your estate

4. Considering your employment status and tax implications for small business and self-employed individuals