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Are you concerned about how you’ll prepare for unexpected medical expenses during retirement? Does not having enough retirement income to support your retirement dreams keep you up at night?

Each of our complimentary seminars addresses real world retirement questions like these. Our goal with each is for you to leave feeling more informed and confident about your retirement plan.

Upcoming Events

Attend one of our wonderful, educational, dinner workshop events listed below.

Dates: June 8th, June 14th, and June 20th at 6 PM

Location: Piatti Sacramento
571 Pavilions Lane, Sacramento, CA 95825

You are cordially invited to attend Bulman Wealth Group’s complimentary dinner presentation. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to educate yourself and your family about strategies that could potentially reduce your tax liability in retirement and help mitigate the effects of another major market downturn.

Topics we will cover include:

  • Taxes in Retirement: The Tax Implications of our latest administration
  • Is Your Money in the Right Place: We will discuss strategies that can help protect and help grow your hard earned assets from a market correction and other risks in today’s economy
  • State of the Economy: Learn the latest on how the pandemic has impacted the market, and how rising national debt could significantly impact your tax burden in retirement
  • Retirement Income: Will your nest-egg be enough to sustain your lifestyle in retirement
  • Legacy Planning: What happens to your family when something happens to you
  • Mitigating Risk: What we feel is a big mistake that many Americans are making with their retirement accounts.