Meet Our Team

Stephanie Hernandez

Stephanie Hernandez

Service Advisor

Stepping into the role of Service Advisor, Stephanie brings with her more than six years of experience in the financial services industry.  Growing up in a household that values integrity, empathy, and loyalty, Stephanie developed strong leadership qualities from a young age. Being the oldest of her four siblings, she has always been a natural leader, demonstrating qualities such as responsibility and reliability. 

She brings these qualities to the forefront in her work, serving as a beacon of support and guidance for our clients. With her preparedness and resourcefulness, she finds practical solutions to challenges and enjoys sharing her knowledge with those around her. Her unique Hispanic flair and strong work ethic make her a fitting part of the Bulman Wealth Group team. Stephanie’s solid foundation is instrumental in becoming a financial leader for our clients.

In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys spending quality time with her family and engaging in outdoor activities with her young daughter, Athena. Although Stephanie admits she may not possess the artistic gene, Athena’s creative prowess makes up for it, always bringing a smile to Stephanie’s face. Whether she is helping clients navigate the complex financial landscape or cheering on her daughter at her youth sports games, Stephanie consistently brings a blend of professionalism and charm to everything she does. With her dedication to upholding honesty and integrity, she strives to be a pillar of ethical leadership in all aspects of life.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Stephanie

  1. Stephanie is a diehard Dodger’s Fan; she bleeds blue through and through!

  2. Her first two cars were manual transmission.

  3. Stephanie’s mom taught her how to drive a stick-shift when she was just sixteen.

  4. After winning an essay writing contest in 5th grade, Stephanie won the complete Harry Potter book set in hardcover; it was the highlight of her year.

  5. Stephanie’s daughter, Athena, loves a mommy-daughter date at Starbucks where Athena gets to pay with Stephanie’s iPhone.

  6. The person Stephanie admires most in her life is her father.

  7. When her little sister was born, Stephanie was allowed to pick the spelling of her name: Kaytie!

  8. Growing up, Stephanie could be found on the volleyball court or the soccer field.

  9. Regardless of the age and grade, Stephanie finds joy in helping people with their homework.

  10. Stephanie was born in Compton, California.