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Elaine Westphal

Elaine Westphal

Chief Operations Officer

Elaine joined the Bulman Wealth Group team in 2021. In partnership with the Founder, Elaine develops and implements an annual operating plan that supports Bulman Wealth Group’s vision and long-term operations strategy. Equipped with over 15 years experience in organizational leadership, Elaine brings a range of expertise to Bulman Wealth Group. Her strong background in building and leading dynamic teams, developing effective operational systems, and fostering a strong corporate culture, assist Elaine in thoughtfully overseeing the day-to-day operations. As a senior leader, Elaine prioritizes client relationships and the delivery of an exceptional customer experience.

Elaine received her graduate and post-graduate degrees from California State University, Fresno joining Bulman Wealth Group following her transition from her role as an Elementary and Middle School Principal. Elaine and her husband, Phil, have two children, Sadie and Cooper. She enjoys traveling, reading, being involved in her kids’ activities, and spending time with her family and friends.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Elaine

  1. A good book, a lounge chair, and a sunny beach is all Elaine needs for a day of relaxation.

  2. Elaine is convinced the Magic Eraser is the greatest invention. 

  3. Two Australian labradoodles keep Elaine’s life interesting.

  4. If meatloaf was the only food option remaining on the planet, Elaine would probably starve.

  5. Elaine believes the best time to buy a new car is when the current one needs new tires.

  6. Elaine tours model homes for fun.

  7. Elaine met her husband Philip at his 3rd birthday party.

  8. Elaine starts every day with an extra hot latte.

  9. A semester in college studying abroad in Thailand was one of Elaine’s biggest life adventures. 

  10. Elaine believes there is no such thing as too much ice in a cold drink.